Bring Out Your Inner "HOTTIE" 

Participants' Comments:

"I was so pleasantly surprised at the wealth of knowledge on how to enhance my inner hottie & the psychology of men. Fun, informative and look forward to the next lucky guy! thanx."

"Came to workshop on short notice, heard about it from a friend. I have found it very informative and also enjoyable. Would return for another."

"Love the openness & honesty."

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Hot, Hot, Hot!...I keep on hearing men express (over the past 13 years) how important of a quality this is for them in a woman. Yet this seems to be a quality I've found lacking in many a "good girl." So let's explore why this is important, what is considered hot, as well as how you might go about getting in touch with your inner HOTTIE!


Christine Vestervelt, Professional Therapist, Counsellor and Life Coach

Only woman in Ottawa with M.A. (Psychology) and M.A. (Individual and Couples Counselling)

Dates (separate events):

Friday July 19, 2013, 7:30pm-9:00pm

Friday July 26, 2013, 7:30pm-9:00pm

*Check-in for each event begins at 7:10pm


Brighter Vistas Counselling Services

4467 Farmer’s Way, Ottawa, K0A 1K0

Free parking available onsite or on the street


Only $25 (HST included), reimbursement forms available (for insurance benefits coverage of psychological services)             

Payable at check-in by Cash, Visa or MasterCard only

*Chance to win a door prize of 30 min. free coaching / counselling  

Reservations (questions):

For yourself or bring along friends, colleagues, family members...!


-Call 613-837-9877

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Ask me about running a workshop on topic of your choice for a group of your friends, colleagues, family members, etc. (Min. 5 people at a cost of $40 each; insurance coverage available.)


 More Participants' Comments:


How to Get Some Kick-Ass Self-Esteem, Aug. 2013:

"Very helpful; creates a safe, non-judgmental environment for sharing; she includes everyone without putting anyone on the spot; I enjoyed myself; thanks for listening & your insights"

"Thank you for your wisdom & insight"

"It was great. Thank you"

Overcoming Anxiety, June 2013:

"Practical advice and insights given." 

"You have a social awareness, are knowledgeable and kept the discussion balanced."

Ladies, Get Inside a Man's Mind, May 2013:

"Realy enjoyed it was very interesting, Felt comfortable"




  Past Workshops Include:



Guys, Get Inside a Woman's Mind

  How to Free Yourself from Some Common  Fears

Ladies, Get Inside a Man's Mind  


Helpful Habits of Happy Couples
















Why You Need to Accept Stress, Not Eliminate It 

Great news for the upcoming Holiday Season! New research is finding that it is your attitude towards stress that makes the difference rather than your actual stress level, and I agree. I have always been good at dealing with stress and not only am I psychologically healthier for it, but still look younger than my years. In this workshop, we will also explore what are effective and ineffective ways of dealing with stress.


Christine Vestervelt, M.A.(Psych.), M.A.(Past.St.), Canadian Certified Counsellor, Clinical Psychotherapist, Professional Life Coach



Friday November 29, 2013

7:00pm-8:30pm, Check-in begins at 6:40pm


Brighter Vistas Counselling Services

4467 Farmer's Way, Ottawa, K0A 1K0

Free parking onsite or on street


$30 (HST included)

Reimbursement forms available if you have insurance benefits covering psychological services

Payment at check-in by Cash, Visa or MasterCard only

To Reserve: (Group will consist of 5-8 participants, and this is a learning event)

Call 613-837-9877

-Please include contact information (and name of insurance company, if using coverage)

*The workshop may be cancelled if the minimum registration is not met by the day before; notice will be provided.

Increase Your Wellbeing!










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